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Home Moving Checklist

Home Moving Checklist

Moving to a new home?* Moving is exciting but it can be stressful. Use our Home Moving Checklist below to help you plan ahead and get organized in the weeks leading up to your move.

Within two months of your move

Create a file to keep track of important documents such as estimates and receipts. Remember to keep the file somewhere safe to ensure it doesn’t get packed away!

Research movers and/or truck rental companies. Book in advance to ensure you get a moving truck for the day you need it.

Clean your current home – sell or give away unwanted items.

Order boxes and stock up on packing supplies.

Start packing items that you don’t use on a regular basis.

Clearly label or number your boxes, and be sure to identify valuable or delicate items.

Change your address with Canada Post. Tip: Call or refer to the Canada Post website to ensure you have all the documentation required to execute your change request.

Arrange dates to cancel or transfer utilities (water, electricity, natural gas, etc.) and services (phone, cable, subscriptions, etc.) at your current home.

Arrange start dates for utilities and services at your new home.

Notify doctor and dentist offices, and any retained billing companies (credit cards, car insurance, etc.) of your change of address.

Contact your insurance broker to transfer or apply for home insurance.

In the final days before your move

Confirm reservations with movers or trucking company.

Prepare a box for essential items that you’ll want to have on hand moving day (toiletries, medication, change of clothes etc.)

Dismantle beds and other large furniture.

Set aside valuables that you may wish to transport yourself such as jewellery and passports.

Put together directions, contact numbers and any specific instructions for movers.

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