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Moving Services

Residential moving

House to house , house to apartment or condo , from an apartment to a house or etc. We do any sizes of moves , from student apartments to 5+ rooms houses . Our professional handy movers are proudly ready to make this process easier and less stressful for you . Our trained team helps […]

Long distance moving

No matter how far your new home or office is, our trained handy movers are ready to for new challenges. Nature of moving is stressful and tough,so it is obvious that the long distance relocation could be more stressful. We understand that when you decide to move to a long distance place you will be […]

Local moving

professional movers near me Moving in the same or close city is called as local moving . No matter how close or far your new home is , we are proudly considering your local moving as important as long distance one ,So you can appear in your new home in couple hours. local moving service […]

Commercial/Office moving

Commercial / Office Moving Doesn’t matter you’re a local business or the national company. Our experienced handy Movers are hundred percent ready to minimize the impact of moving for you. Don’t need to be stressed, we will assist you with every part of your commercial moving from logistics and timing organization and planning, from packing […]

Express Handy Movers Other Services

Storage Service

Storage Service As a Moving company we are connected to many trusted public self storage companies and we can get the lowest rate for our clients. We will book the nearest location for you and you will pay your storage costs in a separated bill. Actually we always try to make this process easier for […]

Recycling And Disposal Service

Recycling and Disposal Service We always face people and clients who feel confused and stressed because of their junk and unusable stuff. If you have the same issue we are here to help you and dump them all with the lowest rate and price.

Packing Service

packing to move Moving process always starts with packing , which is very important to know how to pack your belongings to keep them safe. Our  experienced handy movers  help you pack and code every box so it goes exactly where it needs to be in your new place.  We can also help you to [...]

Assembling Service

Assembling Service If you have a brand new furniture and looking for someone to assemble it you can count on us because we are Express Handy Movers and know how to do it. disassemble and reassemble In Express Handy Movers company teams we always have at least one experienced handyman who can easily figure out. […]